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Our local firefighters and first responders play an important role in protecting our community - while risking their lives to save others. RVC would like to show God's love and our gratitude by making October a special time of praying for and blessing each firehouse with Blessing Baskets filled with treats. 

Pray - Pick up a card from one of the ushers and add a station to your daily prayer list. Pray for wisdom to guide them, encouragement to uplift them and God's love to comfort them.

Donate - In addition to prayer, we're assembling a Blessing Basket for each shift at all six stations. Beginning this Sunday, look for a table set up for donations of non-perishable snack items such as snack size chips, fun-size candy bars, microwave popcorn, cookies, coffee, tea, fruit cups, etc. We're also looking for donations of DVDs such as Courageous, Fireproof, War Room or other movies with Christian themes. You can donate cash by writing "Firefighter blessing" in the memo line of your check and we'll use it to purchase supplies. Consider writing an encouraging card (children's cards and drawings are welcome too!) to tuck in the basket.

Pack - Sunday, October 29 at 1 pm, we'll gather to assemble donations into our Blessing Baskets.

Deliver - Following packing, volunteers will deliver baskets and notes to each station.