Preparing Students for the Peaks and Valleys of a Lifelong Journey with Jesus
(Grades 6-12) 

Summit Student Ministry exists to provide an environment for students to engage in meaningful worship, explore the Word of God, and enjoy fellowship with fellow teenagers who love the Lord Jesus Christ.

Summit Youth Group meets every Wednesday night from 6:00 pm – 8:00 pm at RiverValley Church. These Wednesday meetings include games and activities, upbeat worship, clear and relevant Bible teaching, and opportunities to engage in small group discussions.

Throughout the year Summit students travel to various conferences, retreats, and events such as sporting events, water/theme parks, and hiking trips! These trips are available for all students to attend, and are great opportunities for fellowship outside of a church setting – to be the Church outside of the church.

Summit Sunday School meets throughout the school year during the 9:00 am service at RiverValley Church. Sunday school provides students with an opportunity to hear the Word of God in ways that apply directly to them from teachers who take a sincere interest in the lives of their students.



Current Summit Youth Group Lesson Series

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Current Summit Youth Group Lesson Series

  Winter 2017 #1 – A Foundation for Prayer Prayer. The great spiritual equalizer. The discipline which the spiritually poor might say they don’t do well, and the spiritually proud might acknowledge they don’t do enough. What is it? How do we do it? Why do we do it? These are all questions of which we