What Are Life Groups?
Life Groups are small groups of four to 10 people from RiverValley church who meet regularly at each other’s homes or church to learn more about Jesus Christ and simply share life together. Throughout the year there are church-wide studies with discussion content that coincides with the sermon series, free studies where each group, with the help of the leader, determines which material to study, the duration and meeting times, and other info necessary for a time of learning and fun. There are many small group study materials available in book and video form. Along with studying together, Life Groups do life together. Often, they meet over a meal and enjoy fellowship.

Why Do We Have Life Groups?
Life Groups are designed to bring people together around God’s Word for the purpose of becoming more like Christ. It’s about the Church as God designed it, to be a larger expression/reflection of Him and by consciously and willfully applying truth in real life relationships. Each one of us needs a core group of relationships that we can trust to support our efforts to grow spiritually and influence others. Life Groups within the church are a great way to develop these relationships. (Col. 3:12-17, Acts 2:42-47, Eccl. 4:9-10)

How Can I Get Involved?
Life Group Member: Do life with other believers and develop lasting, authentic relationships by becoming a life group member. Participate in group studies and activities regularly. Our Life Groups meet regularly during the fall, winter and spring and will meet sporadically over the summer as well.

Life Group Leader: Do you want to develop a heart for God and a heart for serving others? Leading a small group is an awesome way to serve others and experience God!

For more information,
Contact Matt Wilson or 920.203.1714