Welcome to BaseCamp!  Kids and families are number one here as a firm base is set to help kids come to know Christ and to realize that they are an important part of God’s Big Story.

BaseCamp is available for every child, age 0 – 5th grade, during both services. Caring, fun, and engaging leaders invest in the kids, giving them  opportunities to learn, connect with their peers, and HAVE FUN!

Fun is key in BaseCamp, all wrapped up in God’s love.  Classes are divided by age as follows:

 0-24 months

Our youngest kids, ages 0-24 months, spend their time playing, snuggling, and experiencing the love of Christ first hand. 

2 & 3 Year Olds

Who doesn’t love action?  We know that our 2s and 3s certainly do and BaseCamp is the place for them.  Through song, crafts, play, and teaching time, kids are introduced to God’s word and get to experience it all with plenty of… ACTION!

4 Years – Kindergarten

Preschoolers are full of wonderful questions and we love it!  BaseCamp offers preschoolers opportunities to see how God’s story flows through the Bible and invites all those questions that only preschoolers can ask, but makes us all think.

Grades 1-5

Kids in grades 1-5 are excited to learn who God is and want to pair their knowledge with action. Elementary kids will dive deeper into God’s Word to learn that God has a specific path for them and that Jesus wants to walk alongside of them on that path. First service (9:00am) offers the following classes:

1st & 2nd Grade

3rd – 5th Grade Girls

3rd – 5th Grade Boys


BaseCamp Live! welcomes kids ages 4 – 5th grade to an engaging and energy-filled time happening every Sunday at 10:45 AM.  BaseCamp Live! is designed to help children learn about God and God’s love for them through worship, drama, creative storytelling, and hands-on activities.